Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Today, I went to the gym in the morning and ran 2 miles in about 25 minutes and I did full body weights. My biceps are so sore right now. I've been eating real good and clean all morning and hopefully continue :)
me, Lori @ 12:25pm

I forgot to update yesterday, but yesterday was a bad day for me :( I binged again, but about 2300 which is not as bad as few days before. I biked for 90 minutes and then walked for 20 minutes. Total cardio for Tuesday = 110 minutes.
me, Lori @ 12:15pm

Since I biked so hard yesterday, today I didn't do cardio or lower weights. This morning, I worked with my trainer to do upper body weights, using a tension band and free weights. Just biceps, triceps, shoulders, and abs. I walked 20 minutes with Bobo..and that's all, but I ate clean today. YAY !!!!. I'll try to run 3 miles tomorrow.
me, Lori @ 10:22pm

Today was CRAZY!! Well, I binged again, *hiding under the table* about 3000 calories :*(( Therefore, I did a lot of cardio, like 120 minutes on the bike. I've burned about 1000 calories there and then I walked Bobo for 20 minutes. Still, gotta cut back tomorrow and I'll do less intense workout. Total cardio = 120 minutes
me, Lori @ 9:27pm

I hit the gym again after dinner but only for 15 minutes on the crosstrainer. It wasn't an intense session, just moderate pace with a few sprints. After, I walked for like half an hour with Bobo. Today was pretty good with both diet and exercise :) Total cardio = 37 minutes
me, Lori @ 9:50pm

I went to Goodlife in the afternoon to lift. I did upper and lower body, about 1-2 set each, 12-15 reps. I'm going do my abs at night and probably take a long walk with Bobo.
me, Lori @ 5:40pm

Club Markham got some new precor ellipticals so I wake up early to try them cuz I thought they were my favourite ones from Bally's...well...turned out they weren't :( Anyways, I woke up at 6:30am and hit the gym at 8am to do 22 minutes on ellipticals. I never wake up that early to go to the gym. People were lining up outside for the gym to open and I was one of the people..hehe :) I'm going to Goodlife later to do some weights.
me, Lori @ 11:20am

At home, I did 60 minutes biking at moderate pace, but I ate crappy today :( Half a large bag of chips, WHITE bread.........I feel sick right now...3000 calories :(
me, Lori @ 10pm

40 minutes on the bike tonight. I'm going to hit the gym tomorrow to do some weights and elliptical. Let's hope it doesn't rain... Total cardio = 40 minutes
me, Lori @ 9:05pm

At home, I biked while watching TV. After school, I biked for 25 minutes and then at 8:30pm I did another 35 minutes. The resistance wasn't high but I went full speed...I need the cardio to release my stress!! I'm so worried about my piano exam tomorrow and I don't think I did well on my physics either... well...life goes on. :( Please let my pass my piano God!!! Total cardio = 60 minutes
me, Lori @ 10:40pm

Nothing intense today. I went to the gym to do 24 minutes on the elliptical at L8. Afterwards, it was weight training with Lisann. Leg press, leg curl, low back, lats, biceps, triceps, abs/obliques, chest and shoulder press...normal routine stuff. Total cardio = 24 minutes
me, Lori @ 8:28pm

I did about 62 minutes worth of biking at night at low resistance but fast speed straight without a break!! ....hopefully enough to cover my high calorie intake today :) Total cardio = 62 minutes
me, Lori @ 8:26pm

I did 55 minutes of biking today late at night...cranking up the music loud...Too bad I ate bad today...way too many calories :*( Total Cardio = 55 minutes
me, Lori @ 10pm

I felt pretty energetic today, but due to time limit, couldn't do more. I did 26 minutes on the elliptical at L6-8. Then, it was weight training with Lisann. I hate the chess press!!! It always burns me out. I also did 6 minutes cardio on the bike...Lisann kileed my legs...but my heart rate was WAY UP...hehe...It feels so good after a workout...no more stress and you feel in control....gotta luv that feeling. Total cardio = 26 minutes
me, Lori @ 4:23pm

I DID NOT WORKOUT TODAY....I'm feeling terrible right now, but I'm so freaking tired after eating a lot of crap...I'm NEVER touching cookies and high sugar again...I should even throw out those granola bars. After school, I actually drove to the gym, just didn't get my ass off and walked inside in this rainy weather. I hope I'm feeling better tomorrow (well I've gotta neways!!!) To make it up, I'll do both weights and cardio tomorrow. :)
me, Lori @ 8:20pm

I didn't feel too good today so I only did 10 minutes on the elliptical at L9 (glad that I had my new MD.......makes my workout a lot less boring), 6 minutes on the bike at L15 and then did 30 minutes weights with Lisann. Hoping for a lot more tomorrow :) Total cardio = 16 minutes
me, Lori @ 5pm

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